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Vanilla Ice Cream

December 31, 2010

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January 2011 SWS 2nd Place Painting of the Month Award

This young San Francisco shopper was desperately trying to cross the street to catch the trolley without loosing her vanilla ice cream or her sweet roll. She actually made it to my surprise.


Prudue Ave Christmas Home

December 29, 2010

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16×20 watercolor

University Park historic home sparkling with Christmas decorations.

San Francisco Castro Trolley Line F

December 25, 2010

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For Sale 
I recently visited San Francisco on a business trip. This is a scene from the Castro F line between the Uptown and the wharf.

Purdue Ave Residence Commission

December 20, 2010

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16”x20 Transparent Watercolor
140lb Arches Cold Press paper

The owner’s previous residence in University Park was demolished several years ago to make way for their new home. This painting was done from memory, old photos and an old video which shows off  it’s signature Crape Myrtle trees and the Photinia hedges. My memory of this home was the young children playing, the shadows from all the trees and the beautiful Christmas lights every year.

Turning Left

December 14, 2010

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Sold / Private Collection
This scene is at the corner of Haskell and McKinney Ave at West Village. The trolley makes a sharp left turn across 3 lanes of traffic without yielding. The trees are in their full fall colors.
16″x20″ watercolor on Arches 140# coldpress paper.

5G Commission 26 Paintings

December 12, 2010

Town Square Walk

December 5, 2010

Christmas is in 20 days and the Southwestern Watercolor Society is having a Christmas party today. I produced this painting to swap off in the painting exchange. This is smaller than I normally paint, 11″x14″. This is a scene from Granbury in front of Rinky Dinks, on the west side of the town square.

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