Bunkerhill Bridge Boston

Boston Bridge 3


Parker House Hotel

32″ Wide x 34″ Tall Watercolor on Paper

A signature project of Boston’s multi-billion dollar Central Artery/Tunnel, the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge spanning the Charles River was completed in 2002 and opened to traffic in March 2003.

The $100 million, 10-lane asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge has been recognized as a monumental achievement in American bridge engineering and construction. It is the first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge in the United States and the widest cable-stayed bridge in the world. Kiewit Construction Company, a subsidiary of Kiewit Corporation, led the joint venture that began construction on the 183-ft.-wide structure in September 1997.

The bridge’s main elements are the two inverted Y-shaped hollow-core concrete towers located on opposite sides of the Charles River. Kiewit used a cast-in-place construction method for the towers as a part of a value-engineering proposal. The south tower reaches a height of 295 ft., while the north tower extends 323-ft. high. These structures support the 745-ft. steel center span. Eight lanes of I-93 traffic pass between the legs of the towers, and two lanes of local traffic are cantilevered off to the bridge’s east side.

Commissioned by Diane Carson Galleries and Trish Wilson Interiors


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