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University Park Bradford Pear Explodes in White

March 11, 2011

“Click on image to enlarge”…10″x10″ watercolor on paper

Bradford Pear trees are exploding in white all over Dallas and are in my eyes. This scene in on Hillcrest Ave. near Mockingbird Lane. This “Tunnel of White” is on my trip home from the my office and is highlighted by the sun.


Lilly Pads – Lake Fork – June 12, 2010

June 17, 2010


The watercolor above is  a scene from a Lilly pad covered cove on Lake Fork in East Texas. My son and I went on a bass fishing trip this morning at day break.  We fished plastic worms and top water chug bugs around and in the Lilly Pads as well as the moss beads. My son caught a four pounder.  I was fascinated by the light and the dark shadows of the Lilly pads. The wind created movement, causing the pads to move in all directions.  I was fascinated with the bright white flowers against the dark shadows, they were stunning. The different greens of the pads were amazing. The pads up in the air were translucent. It was a great father/son fishing day. We wrapped up by noon and headed home. The temperature had reached 98 degrees.

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